LG V30 Speculations: Smartphone Could Run on Android “O”

LG V20 came into the picture in September 2016, and the features of the device were appreciated by most buyers. Now it’s time for the South Korean tech giant to come up with the LG V30 smartphone. The hype around the upcoming device is immense due to which tech fanatics are waiting for it to hit the market. Coming to LG V30 speculations, recent reports have highlighted that the device will end up running on the upcoming Android “O” and the news has excited the LG fans more.

LG V30 Speculations: The Smartphone may come preinstalled with Android “O” OS

Several rumors of LG V30 have stated that the device developed by the South Korean tech company will run on Android “O” and on the other hand, it has also been pointed out that the smartphone could come preinstalled with the OS. The release date of both the operating system and the smartphone has not been announced yet, and if the device ends up running on Android “O,” we can expect it to get rolled out after the unveiling of the operating system.

We already know that the first, second and the third developer beta of Android “O” have already come into the picture due to which we can envision the operating system to get rolled out soon. However, sources say that it has chances of getting unveiled in August this year.

speculations of LG V30
LG V30 speculations

The developers of LG have surely planned something big for the V30 smartphone and would launch it with the latest version of the Android OS. Therefore, we can certainly surmise the device to come up with Android “O”.

Coming to the battery front of the LG V30 smartphone, reports say that it has chances of getting packed with 4,000 mAh battery capacity. The predecessor of the smartphone came up with a removable battery of 3,200 mAh due to which we can definitely expect the next device in the series to sport a better battery capacity.

We already know that the speculations of LG V30 are at rife due to which people are actually looking forward to this upcoming device. We can envision the smartphone to a sport an eye-catchy outlook. Reports even say that it might feature the military-grade sturdy design which means that it will be attractive and robust at the same time.

Wrap Up

We might come across some more LG V30 speculations until the smartphone ends up hitting the market. But for now, people are waiting for the officials of the company to announce its launch date. We hope that our readers have found this post insightful. Therefore, you can like and share this article.

Best Bluetooth Speakers: 4 Things to Consider Before Buying

With the development of technology, the size of the devices is certainly getting smaller. And this change has been made just for the convenience of people. We all know that Bluetooth speakers are portable as you can take them around anywhere and can connect it to your phones or laptops. You should definitely have an idea about the trending Bluetooth speakers available in the market but before getting your hands on them, you should also do a thorough research. We have made it quite easier for you by providing the things which should be considered before purchasing one of the best Bluetooth speakers in this write up.

best bluetooth speakers

Best Bluetooth Speaker: Things to Jot Down before Purchasing

It would be enough if you follow the four points which are given below in order to buy the equipments. So go ahead and check all of them out.

  • The Quality of the Sound: It is very important to do a research about the sound quality of the Bluetooth speaker which you are planning to buy. Make sure that the high notes of the songs sound quite great so that you enjoy listening to music on the speaker. Therefore, great sound quality is certainly one of the most important features of a first-rate Bluetooth speaker.
  • Budget of the Bluetooth Speaker: Some of the best Bluetooth speakers come cheap during sale. Therefore, go to the e-commerce sites and search for the ones which you are planning to buy and then check if there is a discount on it. Make sure that the cost of the device is worth it. Otherwise you will have to shell out a hefty amount if you are planning to get your hands on an extremely premium Bluetooth speaker.
  • Range of the Bluetooth: Sometimes the range of the Bluetooth turns out to be quite poor as you might not be able to connect it with another device until and unless it is kept right beside. So, it is quite important to look out for a great Bluetooth range in order to buy a premium Bluetooth speaker.
  • Battery Capacity: Best Bluetooth speakers often come with great battery backup. And picking up the one with a sustainable battery capacity is quite important so that it lasts long and does not get exhausted after playing music on it for just a few hours.

Wrap Up

Remember, if you are well planned and have done your research well, it won’t be too difficult to get your hands on some of the best Bluetooth speakers available in the market. And if you feel that this article is useful, then do like and share our page.

WWE 2K18 My Career Mode Set to Bring in the Old Excitements

Games from the sports genre generally thrive on the stylized modes of a particular, and that is a trend that has been set by most of the games. This is particularly more important for the games like WWE 2K18 which does not involve the development of a long story like that of any other action role-playing game. And coming to the stylized modes, in the case of the games in the WWE 2K series, it is the WWE 2K18 My Career Mode.

The My Career Mode is certainly not one of the exclusive modes which are present only in the games WWE 2K series. In fact, in the other products from the house of 2k Sports, we have seen that the My Career Mode is something that has grabbed the attention. So we can quickly come to a conclusion that My Career Mode is one of the things related to the developer of the game which has kept the fans engaged.

Now obviously there are going to be questions regarding why there is so much importance adhered to this particular mode of the game. This is because it is only in this mode that the gamers can find a storyline. Generally, in games like these, we cannot locate too much of a scope for development of a story. So when there is a conglomeration of a story as well as action (by action we mean wrestling in the case of WWE 2K18), there is bound to be elements of excitement for the gamers. So naturally, there’s a demand for the My Career Mode.

Along with this, it can be stated that this career mode was missing in WWE 2K17. And obviously, there was a reason behind that. There was a split in the roster of the franchise in the real-life game of WWE. So there is a clear impact on that. And now that things have settled down, gamers are looking forward to the My Career Mode in WWE 2K18.

Since the release of the WWE 2K18 trailer during the announcement of the game, there have been lots of things which have been revealed amongst which there was this My Career Mode as well. The experts have opined that the WWE 2K18 My Career Mode will have a much more intriguing storyline. And that is bound to make the fans go literally crazy.

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Wrap up

There are undoubtedly things which remain to be finalized. But one thing is for sure, WWE 2k18 is going to be bigger and better, and the My Career Mode is going to be one of the components of that.

You TV player for Android: Features and Benefits

An Android video player app Youtv Player is currently the first choice for all who wants to get the video streaming of any show or game or news from all around the world. Apart from the Android, this app is also applicable for iOS. With this app, the user can watch free movies and TV shows online on the phone. Go through the features of Youtv Player app to know it better and realize how beneficial You TV player for Android can be.

Youtv Player Features

  • The user can access unlimited national and international TV channels for movies, music, sports, cartoons, etc. absolutely free of cost.
  • You can select and browse the category you are looking for, in the search option.
  • You can add to the favorite option from where you can create a shortcut to watch your choicest videos multiple times.
  • The best part of this app is it supports various formats of videos like 3GP, MP4, AVI, MPG, RMVB, etc. you can watch saved video also.
  • This app protects your file. Here all your files are protected with the password.
  • Youtv player app is compatible with the Google chromecast.
  • There is an option in You TV player that can be customized as per your requirement through the push settings.
  • There is an interesting setting to this app that can be used for socialization. Here you can create your account, just like other social media platform and can meet people with same taste. This facility is free of cost too.


How to install You TV player for Android

Step 1: first download the You TV Player APK file by searching it on Google. You will see various options to download the app, free of cost.

Step 2: Android does not allow any kind of app not found in play store to get installed on the phone. So to download this, you have to go to the setting options in security tab and click on ‘’unknown sources”. This will enable the android device to download the You TV player app for Android device.

Step 3: now go to the download option, and you will see the APK file there and run the file by clicking on it.

Step 4: the installation will be completed in few seconds. After it is done, you can choose the stream of your choice and log in it. But try to scan the app before using it.

Step 5: Finally you can see your favorite TV series or channel with no huddle anytime and anywhere.

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Last words

Youtv Player is one of the best streaming apps, and as it provides seamless entertainment, we will recommend you to download You TV player for Android and make it the part of your daily entertainment.


Download SnapTube for PC: You are few Steps Away from a Great Experience

SnapTube is the greatest app when it comes to downloading the videos from YouTube. This app is perfect to download the music and movies anytime and anywhere. The best part is, it is absolutely free and supports more than 15 languages and that itself increases the efficiency level of this app.

Check some of the best features of this app to understand the efficiency of it.

SnapTube Features

SnapTube is a free app, and there is no hidden cost whatsoever, and thus we can trust this app.

  • It has an organized user-interface
  • The users can download unlimited movies and videos on SnapTube
  • Gives you an option to choose your movie resolution according to your device
  • SnapTube supports more than 15 languages, from Hindi, English, French, and Italian, etc.
  • It helps you to convert the MP4 files to Mp3 in just a few seconds.
  • The interface of SnapTube is easy and extremely user-friendly, and thus it helps in the search for the favorite videos and movies by their keywords.
  • There is another thing that will encourage you to download this app, and that is this video downloader does not support any Pop ups and Advertisements.
  • This app offers you the freedom to run, play, pause and cancel your installation process whenever you want.

snaptube for pc download

How to Download Snaptube for PC

The features of this app are so fascinating that it will actually instigate you to download SnapTube app. So here we are sharing the process of downloading Snaptube for PC:

  • At first download an Android Emulator of your choice on your PC.
  • Now run the software and change the initial settings.
  • After that log in through your Google Account to search for “SnapTube Apk file” in the emulator
  • Then find the original URL and then download SnapTube Video Downloader
  • Now follow the onscreen instruction and install the application on your PC.
  • Finally, the process is completed, and now you can search favorite movies and videos of yours.

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Last Words

It is true that SnapTube is the best choice for downloading movies and videos. But if you find any difficulty in using the app or downloading it, you can try various apps that can be counted as the alternatives of SnapTube, and they are Vidmate, YourTube, etc.

Is It Possible To Download Playbox On MAC?

PlayBox is an app that offers abundant of movies, television series, and cartoons to get on your mobile phones. This app is mostly known for streaming, directly on your Android device, without downloading any file. With a simple interface, we can see the list of the series and movies.  While there are some such apps in the market why we need this app, can be a demanding question. The simple answer is it can also be connected to the PC and even Mac.

So before delving deep into the working of Playbox for Mac, we must know the features of this app better.

PlayBox Features

Playbox is the perfect addition to our phones or PC or Mac as it provides entertainment like never before. With just a tap of your finger, all the favorite shows and movies will be at your hand. So just take a look at the features of the app to decide whether it worthy of your attention or not!

HD Resolution: Playbox can stream and download videos in various resolutions like 360p, 460p or 1080p (HD). So you can choose any of them as per the speed of your internet.

Search: Playbox’s smart and easy search is another great feature of it. The user-friendly interface of this app helps to get what you are looking for in almost no time.

Free: Playbox is completely free, and there is no hidden cost! This attracts people most as they can avail all the latest movies and television series without paying a single penny.

Huge Collection: Playbox HD has a huge library of videos and movies, and it gets updated very frequently. So you will always get what you are looking for.

Playbox HD for Mac

Download Playbox on Mac

The demand of Playbox has increased with the addition of the app on Mac. Though it is not possible to install the Android apk file directly to Windows or Mac, there are many software out there that allows creating a ‘virtual Android’ operating system. We will suggest  AndyOS, to use as the Android emulator as it supports Playbox for Windows and Mac.

Here are the Steps:

  • First, download & install the latest version of AndyOS
  • Then when the installation is complete, it will automatically boot into your virtualized Android OS.
  • Now, download the latest version of the Playbox download.
  • With Andy OS running, double click on the apk file to begin installing the Play Box app.
  • Finally, you can access the Playbox movie app from your Mac device.

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So download this amazing entertainment app Playbox for Mac and enjoy movies and music unlimitedly!

Getting To Know Cartoon HD and Its Brilliant Features

If you are an animation fanatic, then the one app which you need to download and install in your device is Cartoon HD. This is the one app which will meet all your animation and anime needs. But if you are not familiar with the app, we are here to help you out. In this article, we will get to know Cartoon HD.

Cartoon HD allows you to stream your favorite cartoons without any buffering, even if you have a regular internet speed.  Well, if you need help in downloading and installing Cartoon HD APK for Android or PC, then you first should look at a couple of system requirements. Every Windows system (released after 2013) and every Mac system (released after 2013) will work fine with the app. This app is absolutely free of cost. Neither it requires any subscription fees, nor does it need any hidden charges. But do not worry, since many of you might be thinking that since it comes free of cost, therefore, it must be disturbed with advertisements.

The system has to have 4GB RAM and at least 5GB of free storage in C drive for Android emulator’s files and files of Cartoon HD which has to be installed. Do not by its name.  However, make sure that your system has Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or Mac OS X. You need to have internet connection. There must have 1GB Graphic Card, which should be updated.

Cartoon HD has got some great features

Now, coming to the step-by-step tutorial guide of how to download and install the app.

Step 1 – In the first step, you need to download the Cartoon HD APK for PC in your system. You have to save the app in a folder which you can easily access.

Step 2 – In the second step, you need to download the BlueStacks Android emulator from their official website. This is because BlueStacks is undoubtedly one of the best Android emulators available in the market. It comes absolutely free of cost.

Step 3 – In the third step, you have to make sure that once the emulator gets downloaded, you must install it and run it in your system.

Step 4 – In the fourth step, you need to go back to the folder where you have kept the Cartoon HD APK. You then need to right click on the file and then select “Open With” BlueStacks app player.

Step 5 – In the fifth and final step, you will see that the .apk will get installed in BlueStacks.

Once you complete these five steps, you can begin streaming your desired content. So, downloading the app is not that difficult as you might have thought of.

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For helping the users, the films and TV shows have been classified into various categories and sub-categories. Its rich database is constantly updated, so that you get to enjoy the latest animation show and films. Despite dishing a major portion of its content to animation, it not only caters to kids. It has created a target audience of its own which comprises a pretty diverse field of users from all ages. This is largely due to animation being slowly getting its foothold set among the tastes of people of varies ages.

Remember, the app is not available at Google Play Store, you have to download and install Cartoon HD App on your PC through the steps mentioned above. Moreover, it also comes with an effective “Search Tool”.


Daredevil Season 3: The Installment is Envisioned to Premiere Late

Daredevil, the name itself is quite enough to exhilarate every other person as people have read comics based on the Matthew Murdock who eventually turns in to an awesome superhero during the night. And the level of exhilaration and excitement went higher even more when Drew Goddard actually directed the TV series of Daredevil which was broadcast on April 10. Everyone among the viewers were quite overawed with the great perfectionism which was seen in Charlie Cox as he delineated the character of Daredevil as well as Matt with great zeal. Even Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, and Toby Leonard Moore delivered amazing acting skills.

However, the second season as anticipated was another great and exceptionally victorious and the third episode of second entry of Daredevil also acquired huge responses. It essayed a faceoff between the Punisher as well as Daredevil on the other hand, Foggy as well as Karen did their best to safeguard the firm in that episode. Daredevil Season 2 kept coming up with awesome episodes and kept overawing people to a great extent and the last one was the ultimate end to the very intriguing season. Now, all that every fandom want see is the airing of the next season in series. It was last year when we actually got to see the last season airing, it’s been quite some time since March 2016 and but Daredevil Season 3 release date is nowhere in the picture. The renewal did happen but Daredevil Season 3 air date has not been stated. But the envisions are saying that the next entry is going to premiere actually late. If not 2017, the makers may mull of airing season 3 of Daredevil maybe in the year 2018. That will definitely take loads of time actually.

However, Karen is known for gaining justice and is surely a strong woman but we are still waiting to witness her reacting to Matt’s truth of life. The way she will react to his revelation will surely get portrayed in the third installment of Daredevil but what that will actually be? This is one of the things which revolving in one’s mind actually. And now that the envisions point that the season will air late, the anxiety level will soar a lot more.

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However, Daredevil Season 3 will surely include Bullseye in the web series and to witness or see Daredevil and the ultimate antagonist fighting would be another engaging part of the web series which is definitely going to emerge. Therefore, Daredevil Season 3 would most likely have probabilities of gaining a much more viewers and also great ratings.

Nevertheless, the talks regarding the next entry also indicate that the season 3 of Daredevil is going to delineate the presence of Elektra once more. Her death was in fact a shocker in the earlier entry of Daredevil but what would she turn up to be in season 3?

As far as the envisions are concerned, Elektra is actually anticipated to show a negative aspect of her. Therefore, season 3 of Daredevil might be a little more captivating.

PS 5: A ten teraflop system in Play Sation 5?

For all serious fans, here’s a good news about Play Station 5. Yes, the journey of excitement finally begins as we are heading closer to the release date of the fifth generation of Play Station. Much awaited PS 5 is soon to get launched, but when will that big day arrive? Well, that’s what the ultimate question now is!

PS 5: What do we know about Play Station?

  • Play Station was launched in Japan on December 3
  • It has been created and currently owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment.
  • The successor PlayStation 2 was launched and has been the best-selling home console till date; crossing over 155 million units.
  • After that came Play Station 3 which was released in 2003 that reached over 80 million consoles worldwide.
  • Last arrived Play Station 4 that’s becoming the fastest in the history. In just first 24 hours of its release, it reached approximately 1 million consoles.

PS 5: Is there any New Perks coming up in PS 5?

According to some reports, Sony is possibly discontinuing Play Station 3 in some couple of years. With the increase in fans’ executions, speculations too increased. Some of the key specs that can be speculated in PS 5 are mentioned in this article. Sony is probably going to discontinue Play Station 3 in some couple of years as the reports say. So we can speculate PS 5 will really be something big! As speculated, the heart of PS 5 will be created which will offer experiences of the next generation. Internal wiring will be replaced by optical waveguides. Instead of electrons transistors will be powered only by photons. 3D Xpoint Memory is a new kind of memory that is stackable as well as non-volatile. Even without the transistor need, it can read and write the respective operations. Rumors are swirling that Play Station 5 will be included with resistive RAM or 3D stacked RAM. According to some valid reports, in some couple of years, the digital content can be offered in 4K resolution. Ostendo, a company (California based) is now working on the chipset to project video on a 48-inch diagonal surface which can theatrically create complex images. The huge leap taken forward is due to its graphics with every new game console. PS 5 fans are now in the urge of witnessing PS 5 graphics which may be differentiated from that of real life. Sony would probably be releasing a ten teraflop system in its Play Station 5.

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According to some anticipation, Play Station 5 release date would be no sooner than 2020. On the other hand, as the report says, Sony’s next generation of PS 5 will be available by the end of this year (to me more precise, in the second half of this year. i.e. 2018). But if we are to trust a valid source; we definitely can take the words into our consideration.

NBA 2K18 is Expected to Feature a Better Gameplay

The gaming world has flourished like anything these days and we can also expected to get introduced to some more premium games in the approaching future. Right from WWE 2K 18 to Uncharted 5, people are envisioning quite a lot of intense games to roll out soon. And the NBA 2K18 is another game which is expected to launch after few years. If spoken about the launch date of the NBA 2K18, we can say that the basketball simulation video game could hit the gaming world in September 2019. That might be too long for the avid video game players but that does not certainly mean that they do not end up talking about the features of the game. The game is basically developed by Visual Concepts, and they have been over flooded with great responses since the original NBA 2K18 game was rolled out. Till now the developers of Visual Concepts have created seven NBA 2K18 games and now people are waiting for the 19th edition to hit the gaming world soon. We surely can envision some of the premium features to get equipped with the NBA 2K18 which would leave the players stunned yet again while we can also look forward to a much better game play. The game play is very important and this certainly has a lot to do with making a particular game popular or addictive. A poor game play actually ruins the intensity of it. However, My Career Mode option is also envisioned to be added to the nineteenth edition of the NBA 2K18 game and this could be one of the biggest features of the upcoming basketball simulation video game. However, people have also said that the upcoming game in the NBA 2K series will retain the option of Manager Mode and this might be quite great for the users.

Talking about the some more features of the NBA 2K18, the basketball simulation game could actually feature the Virtual Reality technology. Therefore, it is actually envisioned to be VR compatible.

Nevertheless, the nineteenth edition of the NBA 2K is surely going to be much more powerful than all the other games in the popular series. And now all that they want is a confirmation about the release date of NBA 2K18.

The cover artist of the upcoming basketball simulation game is also another concern. People would obviously want to see some ore other great basketball player to be the cover artist of the basketball simulation game. But till now people do not have idea of the cover artist, though people keep predicting about it.

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However, the price of the upcoming game is another concern of the game and if predicted the upcoming game is envisioned to be priced at $79.99 while the deluxe version of the upcoming basketball simulation game is expected to be available at $119.99.

The game is surely going to be quite expensive than the previous game in the series which is the NBA 2K17 and we can envision the NBA 2K18 to be one of the best games in the series.