Shareit, a Great Alternative for Bluetooth: Check Why

We certainly would not want to see our Smartphones getting rid of Bluetooth at all as it was the only savior when it came to transferring files to different devices from one particular gadget. But as we know that how technology is faring these days because of which various apps along with great devices are coming into the picture each day. However, as far as transferring files to other devices is concerned apart from the traditional Bluetooth even the Shareit application has taken the limelight recently. And in fact Shareit delivers way better as well as advanced feature than the Bluetooth. Whenever we think of sending or transferring some humongous file the only thing which would end up bothering us will be the speed.

And talking about speed, you really do not need worry at all about it while using Shareit. The file sharing or transferring platform delivers a first-rate speed as when someone tries to send a huge file to some other device via Shareit, it gets actually transferred in a lightning speed. However, there are a lot more than the terrific speed as Shareit app has gained good reviews for some other reasons as well. The Shareit APK is being downloaded by various people as a platform for file transferring is needed in every person’s life. These days, we end up having a lot of work and often the need of transferring huge PDF files or some other things to our colleagues or manager turn out to be important.

So, during those times people would only want to send across the file as soon as possible. Bluetooth sometimes fail to deliver such a lightning speed but Shareit certainly does provide a great speed because of which the users love utilizing the platform Shareit. 

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You certainly do not have to have an internet internal connection for using the Shareit application because it can easily be used without the WiFi connection. The devices on which you are planning to send across the files can be connected wirelessly. This feature is provided by Bluetooth as well but Shareit delivers the features which more advancements. However using Shareit app won’t even exhaust your battery to a larger extent. The speed which is provided by the file transferring platform is about 100 Mbps which means that it delivers the speed which is approximately 40 times higher than the NFC as well as Bluetooth.

The files which can be send via Shareit can actually be transferred among several devices, therefore, this is another great feature provided by the file sharing platform Shareit. However, Shareit can actually be downloaded on Windows devices and it also supports the iPhones rather than only being compatible with Android.

Not just PDFs as people can actually transfer pictures, music and also various other files through the Shareit application. Even the facility of group file transferring via Shareit is possible. Therefore, the platform has all the reasons to make life easy.

Shareit has certainly become a great alternative for the traditional Bluetooth and has countless reasons for being in the good books. Therefore, one should surely get the platform on their devices.

Ford GT 2017: Five Different Driving Modes for the New Supercar

Ford always makes sure that their customer gets the best. There will be no exception this time too with Ford GT 2017. The supercar, rather the hypercar, will soon be delivered to all the owners. The US carmaker will be making only 250 specimens of this car per year till 2020 to maintain the exclusivity of this classic car.

The Ford GT 2017 is already making a lot of noise in the market. With a top speed of 246 mph, Ford GT 2017 has already become the fastest car on the planet till date. The new Ford GT has already beaten all its rivals like Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren infamous Le Mans circuit in the previous year 2016. The car is priced at $400,000 and is equipped with twin turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine which is a part of Ford’s EcoBoost family of engines. The engine will produce a scintillating 647 HP at 6250 rpm and 550 lb-ft of torque at 5900 rpm. That is the reason behind GT’s top speed.

To give the owners more driving option, Ford is giving five different and adjustable driving modes like other racing supercars. There is a switch, placed aesthetically, on the left side of the steering wheel to control and change the driving mode. The driving modes are as followings:-

  • Normal Mode: –

As the name suggests, it is the normal mode of driving. In this mode, the ground clearance is raised to 120 mm above the ground level to deal with the potholes and speed bumps, the gearbox shifts smoothly and the accelerator gets more progressive. There is one extra comfort mode where one can soften the damper compression, and rebound settings and the rear wheel moves at about 90 mph.

  • Wet Mode: –

This is for the rain time.  The steering calibration remains same as that of the Normal mode, but the throttle response is reduced to cut down the wheel slip. The clearance height remains same as that of the Normal mode. It is a nice feature to have in a supercar during rainy roads.

  • Sports Mode: –

Again as the name suggests, from this mode onwards, things will move towards more speedy features. This mode enables Anti-lag. In this mode, the turbochargers will spin even when there is no apply of the throttle. This mode uses more fuel but gives more speed. The gear changes get quicker, and the steering wheel gets more sensitive. Finally, the traction and stability control become adjustable.

  • Track Mode: –

From the name, we can understand that this mode is specially designed for the track. The clearance height is dropped to 50 mm. The spring and dampers get maxed out, and the rear wings rotate at full speed. Traction and stability control can be adjusted a little bit more than that of Sports mode.

  • V-Max mode: –

In this mode, the ground clearance remains same at 50 mm as that of Track mode, but instead of increasing aerodynamics drag, it gets reduced to as low as possible. The traction and stability control is removed to get to the topmost speed. In this mode, the car hits its topmost speed, and that’s really fast.

Ford GT 2017 is a dream car for all the speed enthusiasts. But due to exclusivity and limited production, not every speed enthusiasts can own the car.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases: Otter Box Symmetry Cases Might be Perfect for the Device

It is a very common factor that we always look out for the protection of the devices we own and if it’s an expensive one, the concern ever escalates more. Cases or back covers of a Smartphone is one of the most important part of the device as it should be durable enough so that the phone stays scratch free. However, people have already started planning to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S8 as it will release shortly. And when there is so much hype around the Smartphone, the buyers must b thinking of giving extra protection to the device as well. Therefore, we will be talking about Samsung Galaxy S8 case in this article so let’s discuss about the benefits of the Otter Box Symmetry cases which might be great for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The otter box symmetry cases are quite famous among most of the people and these cases have been the topic of discussion. Some cases might look a little bulky so the phone becomes very heavy due to the bulky back cover. But the otter box symmetry cases sports a great and an absolutely non-bulky outlook. These cases surely give a lot of protection to your device and the look of it will surely steal your attention. The otter box symmetry cases are available in almost 10 colors. And the construction of dual material gives your Smartphones an extra protection layer. The raised screen bumper feature of the otter box symmetry cases helps the Smartphone from being scratch free when it gets dropped on the floor. And with such benefits, one should not hesitate even once before buying the otter box symmetry cases for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

There is also a case for Samsung Galaxy S8 called Urban Armor Gear which is extremely convenient to use because of its weight, the light weighted case is an ideal back cover for the Samsung Galaxy S8. And even the look of the case is highly attractive, its ultra responsive buttons go smooth while clicking on them and the buyers can also get a warranty of twelve months after buying the Urban Armor Gear case for Samsung Galaxy S8.

And not only that as there are more to these cases for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, many of you might have heard about the Otterbox Defender Cases and even those work great for the upcoming Smartphone by Samsung. And some people have even stated that this particular case would be the best for Samsung Galaxy S8. The quad layer defense of the Otterbox Defender Case saves the Smartphone from getting dented as well as keeps it scratch free. The display screen of any device has the maximum amount of chances to get destroyed by cracking but this particular case saves the device from going through that. And even keeps the Smartphone dust free.

And now that you all have got an idea about these cases which is great for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, don’t forget to buys your favorite one for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Fast & Furious 8 is Dedicated to Paul Walker

The release of Fast & Furious 8 is just around the corner, and as far as we have heard, it is the best Fast and Furious film in the franchise. It’s been 16 years since the first film came to the theaters. It is the eighth installment in The Fast and the Furious franchise and is the first film in the franchise that will not star Paul Walker. The actor died in an accident on November 30, 2013, while filming for the previous films Furious 7 (2015). The new film is being dedicated to Paul Walker, Diesel had said.

Diesel had announced that an eight film is coming at the Jimmy Kimmel Live! on March 2015. He also disclosed that the film is primarily set in the city of New York. Later that year, F. Gary Gray – best known for directing Straight Outta Compton (2015) – was announced as the director of the new film replacing James Wan who had directed the previous. Subsequently, the principle photography for the film began in places like Atlanta, Myvatn, Havana, Cleveland and New York City. While we wait for the film to come up, let’s talk about the film being dedicated to the late Paul Walker.

During the premiere of the Furious 7 in 2015 spoke about the possibility of a sequel and that Walker believed that a sequel would happen and therefore if it does happen then it’ll be dedicated to Paul Walker.

“I was trying to keep it close to the vest throughout the release. Paul Walker used to say that [an eighth film] was guaranteed. And in some ways, when your brother guarantees something, you sometimes feel like you have to make sure it comes to pass… so if fate has it, then you’ll get this when you hear about it. [Furious 7] was for Paul, [the 8th film] is from Paul,” said Diesel.

One of the most exciting aspects of the film is the entrance of a new character named Cipher who’ll be played by Charlize Theron. As far as we have heard Chiper will be the villain and a driving force behind the new film. Speaking of the official summary, when Fast & Furious 8 begins we’ll see the old gang settled and happily leading their lives. In fact, everything looks so sunny and well balanced that you could almost smell something soon going wrong. One doesn’t have to wait for long for things to go bonkers. The woman enters into Dom’s life and then corrupt him to go against his own friends as well as family.

Everyone, of course, is baffled as to how could Dom go against them. Everyone first resisted and then went on to hate him then. It remains to be seen why Dom has gone against his folks or whether he is just playing Cipher. Being fans of the Fast & Furious 8, we are pretty excited for the film to come out. It remains to be seen how much money the eight installments will be making for the franchise.

You TV Player App Provides Users with Some Great Features

It has been a long while that we have come across a number of apps that enables the users to download as well as stream movies from different websites. But there are very few which have managed to gain popularity among its users. Among the ones which are capable of staying at the top of the list of best apps for streaming movies and other videos including TV series, we have the You TV Player app. And it has been quite a long while that the app has been a fan favorite.

There are some basic features which have made the You TV Player so much popular among the users. The first and foremost thing about the app that has made it so much popular is the fact that the app comes completely at free of cost. There are no hidden charges even after the users have downloaded and installed the app on their smartphones or even other electronic gadgets. Many other apps from this genre do charge the users with some amount of money, and that is where it has been so much popular.

The You TV Player comes with a number of user-friendly features, which is also one of the prime reasons why the app is one of the favorites of the users of smartphones who love to watch movies and other videos through online streaming. The You TV Player comes with a huge list of videos which includes popular TV series. The newly released ones are also available for the users to be streamed. Not only that, even the cartoon shows which are aired on TV channels like Cartoon Network and Nick are also available on the app. So that provides the user with a huge array of videos to choose from. Quite naturally it is one of the favorite ones among the users.

You TV Player enables the users to save the videos which they have already watched once and would like to watch it later on as well. This is one of the unusual features which are not available on most of the apps that are available in the app markets. The latest update of the app has brought in a crucial role of the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter through which one can share a personalized playlist. This is completely one of the new features that very few apps in this genre offer to their users. So quite evidently users have grown a liking for the You TV Player app.

However, the app is not available on any of the official app markets of the popular operating systems that are used by people across the continents. For the users with a Windows operating, an Android emulator is required to be downloaded before the app can be downloaded on the device. For users of iOS devices, the app can be downloaded with the help of vShare. So despite being not available on the official app markets, You TV Player can be downloaded from other sources that will enable one to keep on watching TV series, music videos and much more.

Key Points to Consider While Purchasing a Drone

Flying a Drone is becoming a mass hobby and a lot of people are buying Drones. Increase in demand of these drones helped in establishment of a lot of new start-ups as these start-ups are catering to the need of the people willing to buy drones. The problem is that the features and the specifications are not standardized and there could be a lot of deviation in the specification and price. If you are willing to buy a drone then here are some factors which you need to consider before making a final purchase decision. do done a detail products reviews in many categories.

  • Purpose of Drone

This is another important factor which you need to consider before making a purchase is the purpose of drone. If you are buying drone for the purpose of photography then you need to ensure that the drone has a really good camera whereas if you are buying it for your hobby, you might want a drone with a longer flight time.

  • Flight Time of the Drone

Drones have relatively short flight time and there are various factors determining the flight time of the drone. Some of the factors are, size of battery and weight of drone. The bigger the better, the longer the flight time. But this also increases the weight and with increase in weight, the flight time decreases. Hence while making a purchase decision you need to consider the battery size and the weight of drone so that you get perfect flying time.

  • Transmitters for Drone

There is again a lot of variability in the transmitter device for the drone. Some comes with a separate remote control and some can even be controlled using a mobile or a tablet. The frequency of the sender and receiver determines the range of drone and many drones comes with a remote control which shows data in real time. Some of the controllers are really hard to use and hence the skill level should also be considered while making a purchase decision.

  • Features

This is one important factor while choosing a drone as features can vary a lot with models. Cheaper model are the basic models which only has capabilities to fly up to a certain height whereas the expensive ones have features like auto stabilization, auto take-off, auto landing and battery indicators. These features provide a lot of help to the first timers. So while making a purchase decision, make a list of features which you need. You can also compare all the drones online and get an idea of standard and optional feature.

  • Camera

Drone comes with a variety of camera and some can even accommodate your mobile phone. The mobile phone can be used as a camera for drone. There are drones which come with 4K Video Recording and there are some which come with low resolution cameras. Check the resolution and the capacity of camera before finalizing the drone.

Consider the factors mentioned above while making a purchase and you would not regret your buying decision. It is also advisable to check different online websites to get the right price.

iPhone 8 latest updates and features

The year 2017 will mark Apple’s 10th iPhone anniversary and the Cupertino-based tech giant will look to create a splash when the new phone is launched in September. We have been receiving a lot of news and reports on what the new phone will feature and what specifications the new phone will bear. Some of this so-called news is simply blatant rumour-mongering. Some do seem credible. It seems that the upcoming iPhone 8 is scheduled to arrive with an OLED display and no physical home button. These new statements do seem credible as of now, as Apple will seek curved OLED screens from its rival, Samsung, in a strange twist of fate. This new phone will possibly even be bendable making a style statement and enamouring a new generation of fans.

Rumours suggest that Apple is looking to use the LCD display screens in its smaller 4.7-inch and the 5.5-inch phones while the bigger model with a stunning 5.7-inch display will sport the OLED display. Apple’s biggest iPhone 8 might have a curved screen with OLED display that will give users higher resolutions on their respective screens. The OLED display on the iPhone 8 is reported to have an ‘organic compound’ layer on the screen which emits light as soon as a reaction with an electric current is completed. Presumably, this jolt of electric current will be generated from the user’s own static electricity generated within his or her body when they touch the upcoming screen’s display. OLED displays do have certain benefits: they don’t need a backlight, meaning that Apple iPhone 8 might have a thinner and lighter phone. We also know that the Apple Watch and the MacBook Pro also feature this same type of OLED display. It will not be surprising if the iPhone 8 also boasts of the feature.

The iPhone 8 will be distinct from the iPhone 7’s design which had its fingerprint reader and the physical home button placed on the screen, with the home button located at the bottom end of the smartphone. The new phone may not even have a physical home button and will let the Taptic engine take over entirely. The Taptic engine, users will recall, is a proprietary technology Apple has used successfully for some time now, with the name ‘Taptic’ being a portmanteau word of ‘tap’ and ‘haptic’, a vibrating feel which is actually the tactile sensation at work. This means that even if a button is missing, simply clicking on the screen on that specific spot where the home button would have been will be enough. This will lead users to experience a vibrating sensation, giving the impression that the button is actually there, even when it is not present physically. iPhone 8 will comes with iOS 11.

In other updates, the wireless headphone feature will be retained. Many Apple users and tech enthusiasts have complained of the AirPods which they state is expensive and not maintainable. The new Apple iPhone 8 will have an option for wireless charging too. This makes sense because rival Samsung is featuring the same option too. The iPhone 8 is supposed to be the most expensive Apple phone to date, from what we hear

LG G6 Cases Leaked Render Suggest Probable Design of the Device

It has been quite a long while that we have been receiving news and updates regarding the upcoming smartphones and electronic which are expected to be unveiled by the respective manufacturers before the end of the year 2017. And one of the smartphones which have managed the hit the headlines in recent times is the LG G6. The latest news that has come out revolving round the LG G6 states that the LG G6 case renders have been leaked which has provided a clear indication of what the probable design of the smartphone is going to be.

The new leaked renders of the LG G6 cases that have come out in the online media reveal a lot of information related to the upcoming flagship from the house of LG. The renders leaked by Ghostek has come up with the information that the LG G6 will perhaps come with the waterproof cases that are released by Ghostek in the Atomic 3 series.

The leaked render of the LG G6 cases which has revealed the fact that it is equipped with the waterproof technologies clear hints at the fact the device is going to be water resistant if not water proof, which is one of the bare necessities these days with most of the leading smartphone making brands releasing smartphones with the waterproofing technology embedded in it.

Besides the previous rumours that have come up reveal the fact the LG G6 is going to be one of the most smartphones among the ones that are scheduled to be lunched in the course of the year 2016. Reports have suggested that the upcoming flagship device from the LG is going to sport a QuadHD display with an aspect ratio of 18:9. The leaked renders of the LG G6 cases that have come up a few days back also provide a similar sort of information which has provided real momentum to the fact that LG G6 will have a display with an aspect ratio of 18:9.

Besides these, the upcoming flagship device from the house of LG is going to hit the market in the month of February. Reports have come in from different sources which are reliable state that the LG G6 is going to be released during the Mobile World Congress which is scheduled to be taking place from February 26. The event will go on till March 2. And LG is expected to launch the device during that event.

The LG G6 is expected to sport Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor under the hood which is somewhat against the earlier rumours which had stated that the device is going to come out with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Other than that nothing much is expected to change. At least the LG G6 renders that have been traced in the online media tend to provide immense similarities to the probable features of the device that were proposed in the rumours. And it remains to be seen what turns out to be the actual features of the device when it hits the market later in this month.

Finding the GTA 5 Easter eggs: new clues on GTA 6 locations and release dates

Rockstar North is famous for two things: the Grand Theft Auto legacy and hiding Easter eggs in their GTA games. When many gamers were simply giving up the hope of finding any hidden clues, messages or surprises in Grand Theft Auto V, one of the many well-known YouTubers and pro-gamers unearthed quite a few Easter eggs in GTA 5.


Newest updates on GTA 6 locations

Sarandoe first posted about Easter eggs that gave a clue about the possible locations of the upcoming GTA version. Let us check out a few of his discoveries and predictions:

Location 1: he spotted a towel on the Vespucci beach that many of you may have seen as well. It says, “I Love VC” on the towel that many of you may have ignored. Taking a leaf out of GTA IV’s book, this may actually be telling us that the GTA franchise wishes to take us on another trip of the vivacious Vice City in the upcoming game.

Location 2: while in the skating arena did you notice the wall beside the garage, the one with an embedded message? Many of us completely overlooked the fact that it says, “Liberty Rock” and this may just point to London. The old rumors of GTA visiting Rockstar’s home city might just come true with the sixth edition. After all, Liberty Rock resembles London in more ways than one and it cannot be denied that Rockstar has the habit of hiding clues all around the games as to their next location and release dates.

Location 3: this is quite a simple one actually, if you have a good observation. After you enter Michael’s home you can spot two tickets for North Yankton that he uses to go meet Trevor. But while returning he does not use the return tickets. Just like the flying billboard sign in Grand Theft Auto IV that told us where GTA 5 will be held, this unused ticket may just be our chance to visit North Yankton with the GTA team in their fifth edition.

What tells us the GTA 6 release date?

GTA 5 was released in 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360 and this is no secret. So when you are in the Los Santos airport and you see 2013 written on a door, it grabs your attention instantly. The door next to this one has the year 2021 written conspicuously. This might just point to the release year of Grand Theft Auto 6.

Although this can be quite disheartening for many players since most of us were expecting to see it hit the stores world-wide by the end of 2020. But with all the legal trouble Rockstar North has been through, we are just glad they didn’t tank the plan of coming up with a GTA game this decade.

For some more fun and info

If you want more interesting trivia on the Easter eggs Rockstar has been hiding all around their GTA games, why don’t you check out Sarandoe and his YouTube videos that chronicle all his discoveries and conclusions.

Must Reasons to use Facetime Audio and Video

FaceTime is primarily an application which people take to for video calls. However, given the fact that we are all connected to the Wi-Fi at almost all the period of the day, choosing online calling is not as bad as an idea. For everyone who’s tired of their hefty bills on calls, here we are listing down for you all the reasons as to why choosing FaceTime audio is an equally good and of course a smart choice to make.

So here we list down before you our top 5 reasons as to why FaceTime audio is just about the thing you need!


  1. It is just what you need!

Well, no arguments, and of course, no judgments. FaceTime audio is just the thing you need, given the fact that it serves you in the best possible way. Simplicity, quality, and equally nice features to offer!

  1. The switch is easy

If at all, in the middle of your audio call you want to switch to calling the person on video, you can very easily and simply switch as and when required with easy and smoothly. The switch is easy and it makes it all the more simpler since you don’t have to face any difficulties as you shuffle between the two as you please.

  1. Quality and clarity

Now talking about what it actually offers, the quality and clarity is the thing that we need. It has to offer quality and clarity in the sense that it is not like any random video and audio app it looks into the fact that the users are having quality calls which are audible and clear enough to have the users get back to it sooner or later.

  1. Free

Now that is pretty much what we all wish for switching to online calling for audio is because we want to save out on the extra bills that we otherwise have to pay.

  1. Saves you when on roaming

Yet another of the very basic idea behind audio calls is for all the travellers, audio calls on FaceTime are a savior for the matter of fact that the additional costs are saved.

We don’t really need to list down anymore reasons for this, because the app has just about the thing we need. The major let down being that it is limited to the users with Apple devices only, apart from that, the Audio call is spot on!