Apple iPhone 7: Rumors, Demands, Release Dates, Expectations And Reality

If you are looking for the latest news on iPhone 7 release date, features and rumors then you have come to the right place. Right from the new additions to old retentions, we have it all laid out for you. You may need to wait till the third quarter of this year for iPhone 7, but rumors are that 7 will be immediately followed by iPhone 7 Pro and iPhone 8. This new edition is most likely to follow the trends of its predecessors and come with a shatter-proof 5.5 inch screen.


What the market needs

Apple needs to pull out some awesome tricks out of its sleeve if it wants to make up for the lost 20 percent of sales in the first quarter of this year. And apparently iPhone 7 is coming with some revolutionary new features which include a second rear camera. Although not a new feature, the second rear camera is a first time addition for Apple models and can be used for short distance photography. Both the cameras have been designed to come with flat lenses which preserve the flush design of the back.

Returning home is smooth and easy

The home button for Apple products used to be a signature physical button. But it is set to change in 2016 with the new iPhone 7. A digital, touch enabled button is to replace the physical button and impart a sleek, stylish look to the classy new iPhone generation. Other features include a built-in touch ID detector, AMOLED display with waterproof and dust-proof features and a higher resolution display.

Alienation or technological progress?

Removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack is an old move, but Apple is retaining it in iPhone 7 as well. This will allow the new model to be slimmer than all its predecessors. The most recent news coming from the Chinese Market states that iPhone 7 will come with a battery slightly larger than iPhone 6 and 6S. This means the phone with a wireless charger is most likely to have a battery with a capacity higher than 2910 mAH.

What will run the revolutionary touchphone?

The 5.5 inch revolutionary touchphone will operate on a 2 GB RAM and the Pro version of the same will follow the launch of iPhone 7 with a 3 GB RAM very closely. It is expected to be shipped with iOS 10 pre-installed. While it will be a lot faster than the previous generations of iPhones it is yet to be seen if it can keep up with its contemporaries from Samsung and LG.

Disappointments or smart decisions?

In addition to the upgrades it has been confirmed that iPhone 7 is not getting dual stereo speakers. While that may be a disappointment for many music lovers out there, it can actually prove to be a great battery saving decision. As we have learnt before iPhone 7 is getting minimal battery upgrades. But the lack of headphones and a stereo speaker can be made up for by its Smart Connector. The leaked photos and designs show the promise of the inclusion of a Smart Connector in the new Apple product.