ShowBox: All You Need to Know

ShowBox app is one of those popular entertainment apps that have become a great trend that has taken over the internet. Show Box is absolutely free, and that is the major difference of it from the most other apps on the genre. ShowBox is filled with amazing shows and movies to watch and gets updated every week. The download ShowBox movies app, as it is the paradise for all the entertainment enthusiasts. As the app is unavailable on Google’s Play Store to get the app, the user has to download latest ShowBox APK.

A VPN can help you if you are bothered by the chance of getting your IP banned by a spying ISP for using ShowBox. Good VPNs is able to make your online activities almost impossible to trace.

How to Download ShowBox

Showbox App Download procedure is easier than any other app. you will require the app’s latest apk to get ShowBox for Android. Currently, the latest version is ShowBox 4.8, though 4.75 is easiest to find.

  • The user needs the proper link to find ShowBox app download file and download it to your Android device.
  • Then go to Settings of your device.
  • Now open Security tab and look for an option labeled Unknown Sources.
  • Toggle the button next to it to light it up. It will help you to enable apps without Google Play Store to install it on your device.
  • After the completion, you are done and now simply click the downloaded file to run the setup.
  • It will be installed if you agree to the permissions demanded, and within seconds, you will be able to watch free ShowBox Movies online on the app!
  • You will require the app’s latest apk

ShowBox Features

ShowBox is now the most popular app for movies and TV Shows as it comes up with lots of added features. These features are the reason behind the popularity of the app. Let’s take a look at them:

ShowBox is available for Android 4 or above. As it has a good internal memory, it depends on the size of the data you want to download. The HD-capable screen with good resolution is another great feature of the app that is preferably 4.5” or above. Showbox is created in such a way that is enough to play 1080p movies without buffering or any kind of interruptions. ShowBox supports Chromecast as well as AllCast, LocalCast or any other casting application.

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Showbox Availability

Showbox is applicable for Android, BlackBerry (10.2.1 and above), iOS (iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone only) and Windows (PC only, using Emulator). So it is quite evident that almost everyone can use it.

Showbox is really useful to watch the movie and TV series, and the best part is it is incredibly easy to use. A lot of apps are competing with this great app, but it is hard to match up with the ShowBox features. The quick and frequent updating of the library makes the choice of the users wider and more enjoyable.

Shareit, a Great Alternative for Bluetooth: Check Why

We certainly would not want to see our Smartphones getting rid of Bluetooth at all as it was the only savior when it came to transferring files to different devices from one particular gadget. But as we know that how technology is faring these days because of which various apps along with great devices are coming into the picture each day. However, as far as transferring files to other devices is concerned apart from the traditional Bluetooth even the Shareit application has taken the limelight recently. And in fact Shareit delivers way better as well as advanced feature than the Bluetooth. Whenever we think of sending or transferring some humongous file the only thing which would end up bothering us will be the speed.

And talking about speed, you really do not need worry at all about it while using Shareit. The file sharing or transferring platform delivers a first-rate speed as when someone tries to send a huge file to some other device via Shareit, it gets actually transferred in a lightning speed. However, there are a lot more than the terrific speed as Shareit app has gained good reviews for some other reasons as well. The Shareit APK is being downloaded by various people as a platform for file transferring is needed in every person’s life. These days, we end up having a lot of work and often the need of transferring huge PDF files or some other things to our colleagues or manager turn out to be important.

So, during those times people would only want to send across the file as soon as possible. Bluetooth sometimes fail to deliver such a lightning speed but Shareit certainly does provide a great speed because of which the users love utilizing the platform Shareit. 

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You certainly do not have to have an internet internal connection for using the Shareit application because it can easily be used without the WiFi connection. The devices on which you are planning to send across the files can be connected wirelessly. This feature is provided by Bluetooth as well but Shareit delivers the features which more advancements. However using Shareit app won’t even exhaust your battery to a larger extent. The speed which is provided by the file transferring platform is about 100 Mbps which means that it delivers the speed which is approximately 40 times higher than the NFC as well as Bluetooth.

The files which can be send via Shareit can actually be transferred among several devices, therefore, this is another great feature provided by the file sharing platform Shareit. However, Shareit can actually be downloaded on Windows devices and it also supports the iPhones rather than only being compatible with Android.

Not just PDFs as people can actually transfer pictures, music and also various other files through the Shareit application. Even the facility of group file transferring via Shareit is possible. Therefore, the platform has all the reasons to make life easy.

Shareit has certainly become a great alternative for the traditional Bluetooth and has countless reasons for being in the good books. Therefore, one should surely get the platform on their devices.

You TV Player App Provides Users with Some Great Features

It has been a long while that we have come across a number of apps that enables the users to download as well as stream movies from different websites. But there are very few which have managed to gain popularity among its users. Among the ones which are capable of staying at the top of the list of best apps for streaming movies and other videos including TV series, we have the You TV Player app. And it has been quite a long while that the app has been a fan favorite.

There are some basic features which have made the You TV Player so much popular among the users. The first and foremost thing about the app that has made it so much popular is the fact that the app comes completely at free of cost. There are no hidden charges even after the users have downloaded and installed the app on their smartphones or even other electronic gadgets. Many other apps from this genre do charge the users with some amount of money, and that is where it has been so much popular.

The You TV Player comes with a number of user-friendly features, which is also one of the prime reasons why the app is one of the favorites of the users of smartphones who love to watch movies and other videos through online streaming. The You TV Player comes with a huge list of videos which includes popular TV series. The newly released ones are also available for the users to be streamed. Not only that, even the cartoon shows which are aired on TV channels like Cartoon Network and Nick are also available on the app. So that provides the user with a huge array of videos to choose from. Quite naturally it is one of the favorite ones among the users.

You TV Player enables the users to save the videos which they have already watched once and would like to watch it later on as well. This is one of the unusual features which are not available on most of the apps that are available in the app markets. The latest update of the app has brought in a crucial role of the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter through which one can share a personalized playlist. This is completely one of the new features that very few apps in this genre offer to their users. So quite evidently users have grown a liking for the You TV Player app.

However, the app is not available on any of the official app markets of the popular operating systems that are used by people across the continents. For the users with a Windows operating, an Android emulator is required to be downloaded before the app can be downloaded on the device. For users of iOS devices, the app can be downloaded with the help of vShare. So despite being not available on the official app markets, You TV Player can be downloaded from other sources that will enable one to keep on watching TV series, music videos and much more.

Must Reasons to use Facetime Audio and Video

FaceTime is primarily an application which people take to for video calls. However, given the fact that we are all connected to the Wi-Fi at almost all the period of the day, choosing online calling is not as bad as an idea. For everyone who’s tired of their hefty bills on calls, here we are listing down for you all the reasons as to why choosing FaceTime audio is an equally good and of course a smart choice to make.

So here we list down before you our top 5 reasons as to why FaceTime audio is just about the thing you need!


  1. It is just what you need!

Well, no arguments, and of course, no judgments. FaceTime audio is just the thing you need, given the fact that it serves you in the best possible way. Simplicity, quality, and equally nice features to offer!

  1. The switch is easy

If at all, in the middle of your audio call you want to switch to calling the person on video, you can very easily and simply switch as and when required with easy and smoothly. The switch is easy and it makes it all the more simpler since you don’t have to face any difficulties as you shuffle between the two as you please.

  1. Quality and clarity

Now talking about what it actually offers, the quality and clarity is the thing that we need. It has to offer quality and clarity in the sense that it is not like any random video and audio app it looks into the fact that the users are having quality calls which are audible and clear enough to have the users get back to it sooner or later.

  1. Free

Now that is pretty much what we all wish for switching to online calling for audio is because we want to save out on the extra bills that we otherwise have to pay.

  1. Saves you when on roaming

Yet another of the very basic idea behind audio calls is for all the travellers, audio calls on FaceTime are a savior for the matter of fact that the additional costs are saved.

We don’t really need to list down anymore reasons for this, because the app has just about the thing we need. The major let down being that it is limited to the users with Apple devices only, apart from that, the Audio call is spot on!

ShowBox Not Working : How to Fix ShowBox App Server Error

ShowBox Not Working: Using apps to stream movies and TV shows is nothing but a bliss, but, there are multiple errors associated with such apps, and therefore, to make things simpler for you, we have listed down a breakup of all the errors you might have to deal with. while using ShowBox App.


Error 1: Showbox Server Error

If in case you just updated your app, this is bound to happen. Upon updating the app, you often end up losing the connection from the server. So now, what you can do is either of the two things, which is either uninstall the update and go back to the un-updated version or, simply not update the app.

Error 2: Showbox Video Not Available Now

 It often also happens that the videos are not available, wondering why? Well, we’ll help you with it. The thing is, the version of Showbox earlier needed you to install MX player and having done that, the video not available error is gonna be gone.

What you can do is download ShowBox APK version 4.01 and get the latest version. Visit Showbox and open it with a new interface. Having done that, next you can simply choose from the two available servers and watch the movie or download it.

 Error 3: Unfortunately Showbox Has Stopped

This is one of the most common Showbox error but why does it occur and what to do, people often fail to recognize. After the recent update, there are users who have faced the “Unfortunately Showbox has stopped” error. You can actually have this error sorted and to do that, here is what you can do:

– Go to the general settings
– Visit the Application Manager in there
– Look for Showbox and clear the cache
– Simply restart the app and you’ll be sorted!

Error 4: Showbox Not Working with Update Error

This is yet another error which comes along with updating the Showbox app and yet again, what you can do in here is restart the app, or reinstall the app. There isn’t much that can be done with this error. The last possible option is to simply go back to using the old version.

We hope this helps you sort out the errors you face with this application! There sure has to be a out to all the errors on every possible app! Thank us later!