How to Disable LG G5 Automatic App Updates – Easiest Guide

The very unique and awesome LG G5 smartphone is now available around the globe along with the United States. There is no doubt that it is good news for the users.

The LG G5 has lots of option, features and many more advanced controls that many times create confusions. The main problem which generally people face in LG G5 phone is that how to disable LG G5 automatic app update. As until now we haven’t received any official confirmation on LG G6 Release Date, let’s talk about the much hyped LG G5 here, and how we can easily disable automatic app updates on this Smartphone.

Disable LG G5 Automatic App Updates

Also, there are many people, who want to have total control over what apps will update automatically. You can set the LG G5 to auto-update if you do not want to see the frequent automatic update notifications from the Google Play Store. Here is the explanation of how to turn OFF and ON automatic app updates from the Google Play Store.

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Important steps to turn OFF & ON automatic app updates for LG G5

You need set the things on Google Play Store when you want to enable or disable the automatic updates for the LG G5. You can follow the below steps to turn ON and OFF automatic app updates.

  1. Turn on your LG G5
  2. Select on the Google Play Store
  3. Now you need to tap the top left menu button next to the “Play Store”
  4. After that a slide out menu will come on your screen and then you need to select “Settings”
  5. Now you need to select “Auto-update apps” under the General settings.
  6. Now here you can select to “Automatically update apps” or “Do not auto-update apps”
  1. You need to make sure that, if you turn off the automatically update app feature on the LG G5, you will get notifications continuously that new apps need to be updated.
  2. Should you keep LG G5 automatic app updates ON or OFF?
  3. Now it’s time to take the final decision.You have to take it. It may be best to leave automatic app updates turned ON for those that are casual smartphone users or new to Android. This will help you to eliminate constant app update notifications. It will also reduce problems with apps not working correctly since you could forget to update them.
  4. You may not notice what features on the app is new if you leave auto-update ON the LG G5. The reason for this is because when updating the app, you wouldn’t have read the new features.

How To Download Tinder For Pc – Full Guide

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps available for smartphone users in our planet. Officially it has made its way through 9 billion matches till date. Time magazine has put a crown of “world’s hottest app” on it. The catch of this app is that it’s free to use and within a few minutes you can set up your profile on it and go for it without any hectic sign up session. Using Facebook, registration is simple and attaching Facebook profile with it makes your chances of visibility better. In case if you are not having a facebook account, try Tinder without Facebook.

Tinder For Pc


In order to run this awesome dating app on your PC, you need to go have an emulator for sure otherwise there will be no option to get the Tinder for PC. If you are thinking whether it will be as same as the process while we run other Android app on your PC, you are absolutely right. But here are some tweaks and you need to take care of these before proceeding to the final installation on your PC.

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If you have killed your spirit with Bluestacks, you can try youwave instead. All the steps are almost similar. Let’s check it out.

  1. Get the Youwave installer package downloaded in your PC.
  2. Once it gets downloaded, click on the installation file and get this installed. Get all the on screen instructions in command and follow those. Provide all the permissions.
  3. One thing should be mentioned here and that is if you are trying a free version then click on the free version but if you want to unleash the full potential of this, for a paid version instead.
  4. Open the Youwave and open the “Playstore” in it.
  5. Type Tinder and search it there.
  6. Once you have installed in your PC, open Tinder on your PC.


Bluestacks is still on the best list of Android emulator for sure and many users prefer to have this installed in their PC.

  1. Download the Bluestacks from its official site.
  2. Follow the on screen instructions and get it downloaded.
  3. Once it’s downloaded, and then installs the .exe file on your system.
  4. Now, log into Google Play using your Google account.
  5. Search Tinder and tap on the “install” button, it will be ready within few minutes and you can start using Tinder in your PC.