Ford GT 2017: Five Different Driving Modes for the New Supercar

Ford always makes sure that their customer gets the best. There will be no exception this time too with Ford GT 2017. The supercar, rather the hypercar, will soon be delivered to all the owners. The US carmaker will be making only 250 specimens of this car per year till 2020 to maintain the exclusivity of this classic car.

The Ford GT 2017 is already making a lot of noise in the market. With a top speed of 246 mph, Ford GT 2017 has already become the fastest car on the planet till date. The new Ford GT has already beaten all its rivals like Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren infamous Le Mans circuit in the previous year 2016. The car is priced at $400,000 and is equipped with twin turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine which is a part of Ford’s EcoBoost family of engines. The engine will produce a scintillating 647 HP at 6250 rpm and 550 lb-ft of torque at 5900 rpm. That is the reason behind GT’s top speed.

To give the owners more driving option, Ford is giving five different and adjustable driving modes like other racing supercars. There is a switch, placed aesthetically, on the left side of the steering wheel to control and change the driving mode. The driving modes are as followings:-

  • Normal Mode: –

As the name suggests, it is the normal mode of driving. In this mode, the ground clearance is raised to 120 mm above the ground level to deal with the potholes and speed bumps, the gearbox shifts smoothly and the accelerator gets more progressive. There is one extra comfort mode where one can soften the damper compression, and rebound settings and the rear wheel moves at about 90 mph.

  • Wet Mode: –

This is for the rain time.  The steering calibration remains same as that of the Normal mode, but the throttle response is reduced to cut down the wheel slip. The clearance height remains same as that of the Normal mode. It is a nice feature to have in a supercar during rainy roads.

  • Sports Mode: –

Again as the name suggests, from this mode onwards, things will move towards more speedy features. This mode enables Anti-lag. In this mode, the turbochargers will spin even when there is no apply of the throttle. This mode uses more fuel but gives more speed. The gear changes get quicker, and the steering wheel gets more sensitive. Finally, the traction and stability control become adjustable.

  • Track Mode: –

From the name, we can understand that this mode is specially designed for the track. The clearance height is dropped to 50 mm. The spring and dampers get maxed out, and the rear wings rotate at full speed. Traction and stability control can be adjusted a little bit more than that of Sports mode.

  • V-Max mode: –

In this mode, the ground clearance remains same at 50 mm as that of Track mode, but instead of increasing aerodynamics drag, it gets reduced to as low as possible. The traction and stability control is removed to get to the topmost speed. In this mode, the car hits its topmost speed, and that’s really fast.

Ford GT 2017 is a dream car for all the speed enthusiasts. But due to exclusivity and limited production, not every speed enthusiasts can own the car.