iMessage vs WhatsApp Which One is The Best?

Instant Messaging Apps have become a primary for every smartphone user due to their extraordinary features compared to standard messaging. They provide unlimited text, file, photo, video sharing without any limits. Among the sea of messaging app, WhatsApp and iMessage are two most widely used messaging apps excluding the forcefully installed Messenger app from Facebook.

WhatsApp vs. iMessage

WhatsApp is one of the earliest to pitch and start an Instant Messaging app in 2009 had a billion+ users and now owned by Facebook. iMessage an instant messaging service from Apple for all of its devices from iPhone, iPad to Mac’s and had a billion plus active install across all its products.



WhatsApp used to charge a yearly subscription of 1$ after the acquisition by Facebook it is made free to use for all the users with no in-app purchases or limitations. iMessage is also free to install for all the Apple devices with no restrictions. Not just these apps mostly no messaging app is charging to use their services. Instead, some messaging apps like Linesell stickers, emoji and other things to users for their revenue.


iMessage and WhatsApp have mostly the same features with each other improving over time. Other than unlimited text feature both can be used to share documents, videos, audio, photos, contacts and location to any of the contact in your smartphone. One feature WhatsApp had which iMessage lacks is a voice calling feature which it launched a few months back, with this feature user can talk over the internet without any restrictions.


This is a major factor for a messaging app because you cannot send text or files to your friend or colleague if they do not have the same messaging app. In this WhatsApp is much head of iMessage with support to all major OS like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Symbian. This flexibility in WhatsApp is what made it a successful app, evenan iMessage user will have WhatsApp installed as all his friends and family may not use Apple devices. By now it may be clear to you that Apple does not provide iMessage to devices other than its own but rumours are going on that iMessage will be released to Android.


iMessage is having a tight security for its users and had end to end encryption which makes users data so secure that even the company cannot decrypt the conversations. WhatsApp also recently upgraded all its users to end to end encryption similar to iMessage. Both the services are very highly secured, so you do not need to fear of any governments or hackers spying.

Back-up and restore:

WhatsApp backups its data every day on all its platform except iOS and users can copy the WhatsApp folder to your computer from the mobile. For iOS users you can connect to theiCloud drive and backup will be uploaded to iCloud. Android users also can connect to Google Drive to store data in thecloud. iMessage data is linked to your iTunes backup and can be restored from it.

Now you can decide for yourself to use which message app. Most of the iPhone users use both the apps simultaneously to connect with their friends and family. What is your best messaging app and why do you like it? Please use our comment section to reply.