iPhone 8 latest updates and features

The year 2017 will mark Apple’s 10th iPhone anniversary and the Cupertino-based tech giant will look to create a splash when the new phone is launched in September. We have been receiving a lot of news and reports on what the new phone will feature and what specifications the new phone will bear. Some of this so-called news is simply blatant rumour-mongering. Some do seem credible. It seems that the upcoming iPhone 8 is scheduled to arrive with an OLED display and no physical home button. These new statements do seem credible as of now, as Apple will seek curved OLED screens from its rival, Samsung, in a strange twist of fate. This new phone will possibly even be bendable making a style statement and enamouring a new generation of fans.

Rumours suggest that Apple is looking to use the LCD display screens in its smaller 4.7-inch and the 5.5-inch phones while the bigger model with a stunning 5.7-inch display will sport the OLED display. Apple’s biggest iPhone 8 might have a curved screen with OLED display that will give users higher resolutions on their respective screens. The OLED display on the iPhone 8 is reported to have an ‘organic compound’ layer on the screen which emits light as soon as a reaction with an electric current is completed. Presumably, this jolt of electric current will be generated from the user’s own static electricity generated within his or her body when they touch the upcoming screen’s display. OLED displays do have certain benefits: they don’t need a backlight, meaning that Apple iPhone 8 might have a thinner and lighter phone. We also know that the Apple Watch and the MacBook Pro also feature this same type of OLED display. It will not be surprising if the iPhone 8 also boasts of the feature.

The iPhone 8 will be distinct from the iPhone 7’s design which had its fingerprint reader and the physical home button placed on the screen, with the home button located at the bottom end of the smartphone. The new phone may not even have a physical home button and will let the Taptic engine take over entirely. The Taptic engine, users will recall, is a proprietary technology Apple has used successfully for some time now, with the name ‘Taptic’ being a portmanteau word of ‘tap’ and ‘haptic’, a vibrating feel which is actually the tactile sensation at work. This means that even if a button is missing, simply clicking on the screen on that specific spot where the home button would have been will be enough. This will lead users to experience a vibrating sensation, giving the impression that the button is actually there, even when it is not present physically. The iPhone 8 will run Apple iOS 11.

In other updates, the wireless headphone feature will be retained. Many Apple users and tech enthusiasts have complained of the AirPods which they state is expensive and not maintainable. The new Apple iPhone 8 will have an option for wireless charging too. This makes sense because rival Samsung is featuring the same option too. The iPhone 8 is supposed to be the most expensive Apple phone to date, from what we hear.

Speaking of the release date, following the trend of Apple over the years, the iPhone 8 might possibly release around September this year and is going to be the first device that will be compatible with iOS 11, the newest version of the flagship operating system of Apple