ShowBox Not Working : How to Fix ShowBox App Server Error

ShowBox Not Working: Using apps to stream movies and TV shows is nothing but a bliss, but, there are multiple errors associated with such apps, and therefore, to make things simpler for you, we have listed down a breakup of all the errors you might have to deal with. while using ShowBox App.


Error 1: Showbox Server Error

If in case you just updated your app, this is bound to happen. Upon updating the app, you often end up losing the connection from the server. So now, what you can do is either of the two things, which is either uninstall the update and go back to the un-updated version or, simply not update the app.

Error 2: Showbox Video Not Available Now

 It often also happens that the videos are not available, wondering why? Well, we’ll help you with it. The thing is, the version of Showbox earlier needed you to install MX player and having done that, the video not available error is gonna be gone.

What you can do is download ShowBox APK version 4.01 and get the latest version. Visit Showbox and open it with a new interface. Having done that, next you can simply choose from the two available servers and watch the movie or download it.

 Error 3: Unfortunately Showbox Has Stopped

This is one of the most common Showbox error but why does it occur and what to do, people often fail to recognize. After the recent update, there are users who have faced the “Unfortunately Showbox has stopped” error. You can actually have this error sorted and to do that, here is what you can do:

– Go to the general settings
– Visit the Application Manager in there
– Look for Showbox and clear the cache
– Simply restart the app and you’ll be sorted!

Error 4: Showbox Not Working with Update Error

This is yet another error which comes along with updating the Showbox app and yet again, what you can do in here is restart the app, or reinstall the app. There isn’t much that can be done with this error. The last possible option is to simply go back to using the old version.

We hope this helps you sort out the errors you face with this application! There sure has to be a out to all the errors on every possible app! Thank us later! 

Christmas Activities for Kids

Hii!! Friends! Wish you all a very Happy Merry Christmas 2016. You are waited for Christmas party right?? But most of the parties are for adult. So what about my little friends? They too have a desire for parties. Am I right? I know I am right. But little buds you don’t have to take any tension. Here is the solution for you. You can choose an idea and tell your parents or if you are parents then you should do some positive effort for your children. They also want attention and enjoyment on this Christmas festival. Hope you remember that Christmas is for all.

Frozen-Inspired Tic-Tac-Snow

All children love the move Frozen. If you arrange a Christmas party and keep a Tic-Tac- Snow game for children which is inspired by Frozen the little member of your house will overwhelmed to see this. He or she will always remember your Christmas gift. If you have children you can try this game for your kid.

Make an Ornament

This is a nice game for kids. All kids are very creative. They always like to build something at their own. You can highlight this side of your child and give it a new direction. Invite all kid friends of your children on your Christmas party. Give then all necessary things to make an ornament. Arrange gift for the winner. Your little friends will be glad to have this kind of game. Arrange some food and drinks for them.

Snowman Slam

This Snowman slam game is very easy to play and draw all the attention of children together. This game is fun for entire family. You can also take a part on this game. The most exciting thing is the building material of this game is easily available on your surroundings. You can add this game to your Charismas party. you can also try merry Christmas clipart

Most Popular Breeds of Domestic Cat List

Cat is truly a common domestic animal and they are seen almost everywhere throughout the world. As we see cats always around us, we did not pay much attention on them. But they too have many varieties and different kind of nature. Cat is typically furry, small, carnivorous mammal. Cats are generally divided into two categories. One is Domestic and the other is Wild. The domestic cats are often called house cat. They are a little bit of lazy and attention seeker. On the other hand wild cats are athlete, agile and graceful with a strong, muscular body. This things give befits to a cat to belong in the jungle. As cats are originated from tiger they have a struggling quality.
Here we discuss only about the domestic cat. National Cat Day is not so far, in this year of 2016. So if you nourish a suppress desire to be a cat owner and you are not sure about which kind of cat is appropriate for you then you are at the right place. There are 60+ breeds of cats exists. Here I tried to help you to give necessary information about popular domestic cats and there breeds.

List Of Top 10 Cat’s Breed

Persian Cat:


The Persian cat is a long-haired breed of cat. It is characterized by its round face and short muzzle. Longhaired cats are originated from Persia (now Iran) or turkey. In Middle East, it is also known as the Shirazi cat or Iranian cat. It has wide variety of colors like solids, silver, golden, smoke/shaded, tabby, particular, bicolor and Himalayan. It is important to remember that this Persian cat requires daily grooming. Persian cat is popular because they are very sweet by nature and they have the easygoing personalities.

Ragdoll :


Like its name Ragdoll breeds are very friendly by nature. It has blue eyes and a distinct color point coat. Ragdoll is large in size, and it is covered with long silky fur. Ragdoll cats are known as “dog like Cat” or “puppy like cat” because of its soft temperament. These are generally found in four colors: seal, chocolate, blue and lilac and three patterns: color point, mitted and bi-color.

American Curl :


This breed is characterized by its unusual ears, which curl back from the face toward the center of the back of the skull. It’s generally a healthy breed. But rough handling may damage the cartilage of this breed as their cartilage is delicate. So if you think to take a pet Ragdoll, it is a nice choice no doubt.

American Bobtail :


Another popular and uncommon domestic cat breed is American Bobtail. This breed has a Wedge-shaped head with high cheekbones and large oval almond eyes. The body is brawny and athletic type, with heavy boning the front legs are slightly shorter than hind legs. The uncommon thing is, it has a short and floppy tail. They are obedient of master, playful, patient, and attentive. The glossy hair comes in all colors and patterns. The eyes of its can be of any color; most of the time each eye has different color. American Bobtail looks distinctively wild.

Birman :


It is Medium in size as well as has cute, rounded, brilliant-blue eyes, a firm chin and a heavy ruff around the neck. It is also named “Sacred Cat of Burma”. The Birman interacts in a soft voice. Primarily to advise you that maybe it’s time for dinner or perhaps for a nice cuddle on the couch. The personality is very friendly and affectionate. It has many color varieties such as seal, blue, chocolate and lilac.

British Shorthair :


British Shorthair is originated version of the traditional British domestic cat. Euphonious and easygoing nature makes him best family companion. It is one of the most ancient known cat breeds. It has full of British reserve and comfy accompaniment. Shorthair is generally popular for blue color but it is available in any color and pattern.

Abyssinian :


The Abyssinian is a snake hipped, fine-boned, medium-sized cat. The name Abyssinian came from the place Ethiopia. This is short haired, slightly longer than other breeds, loyal, clever and adjusting in nature. It has very dramatic facial marking with his tail and neck. The color of its fur is red, ruddy, blue and fawn and that glitters in sunlight. These cats live their life fullest.

Munchkin :


This breed is relatively new. The Munchkin is generally described as a sweet-personality, playful, people-oriented, outgoing and intelligent cat. It can respond well, when handled well. It is found in all colors and patterns. Longhaired and shorthaired, both varieties are available in this breed. Munchkin is a regular size cat. The legs of this kind are muscled and not bowed.

Pixiebob :


If you want a loyal courageous, intelligent, playful and trainable cat then Pixiebob is the right choice for you. It has inverted triangular eyes with bushy brows. They can easily mix up with other animal and also love to play with them. They are also known for their chirrup, chatters, and snarl. Pixie Bob loves to play with water.

Himalayan :


Himalayan cats are very similar with Persian breed. It may be out crossed to Persians or, in some associations. Himalayan tends to have a chubby physique with silky fur, short legs and a furry short tail. Himalayans are very friendly and affectionate by nature. The floppy looks make them so adorable. White colored Himalayan cat looks like snow globe though it has so many color varieties. It is a very good choice if you want to adopt a Himalayan, as that will sport your adventures nature.

Hope you will get a brief idea about cats and its breeds. There are other verities too but above-mentioned breeds are popular for domestic purposes. So why are you waiting? Select which one is suitable for you and bring that breed to your home.

iMessage vs WhatsApp Which One is The Best?

Instant Messaging Apps have become a primary for every smartphone user due to their extraordinary features compared to standard messaging. They provide unlimited text, file, photo, video sharing without any limits. Among the sea of messaging app, WhatsApp and iMessage are two most widely used messaging apps excluding the forcefully installed Messenger app from Facebook.

WhatsApp vs. iMessage

WhatsApp is one of the earliest to pitch and start an Instant Messaging app in 2009 had a billion+ users and now owned by Facebook. iMessage an instant messaging service from Apple for all of its devices from iPhone, iPad to Mac’s and had a billion plus active install across all its products.



WhatsApp used to charge a yearly subscription of 1$ after the acquisition by Facebook it is made free to use for all the users with no in-app purchases or limitations. iMessage is also free to install for all the Apple devices with no restrictions. Not just these apps mostly no messaging app is charging to use their services. Instead, some messaging apps like Linesell stickers, emoji and other things to users for their revenue.


iMessage and WhatsApp have mostly the same features with each other improving over time. Other than unlimited text feature both can be used to share documents, videos, audio, photos, contacts and location to any of the contact in your smartphone. One feature WhatsApp had which iMessage lacks is a voice calling feature which it launched a few months back, with this feature user can talk over the internet without any restrictions.


This is a major factor for a messaging app because you cannot send text or files to your friend or colleague if they do not have the same messaging app. In this WhatsApp is much head of iMessage with support to all major OS like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Symbian. This flexibility in WhatsApp is what made it a successful app, evenan iMessage user will have WhatsApp installed as all his friends and family may not use Apple devices. By now it may be clear to you that Apple does not provide iMessage to devices other than its own but rumours are going on that iMessage will be released to Android.


iMessage is having a tight security for its users and had end to end encryption which makes users data so secure that even the company cannot decrypt the conversations. WhatsApp also recently upgraded all its users to end to end encryption similar to iMessage. Both the services are very highly secured, so you do not need to fear of any governments or hackers spying.

Back-up and restore:

WhatsApp backups its data every day on all its platform except iOS and users can copy the WhatsApp folder to your computer from the mobile. For iOS users you can connect to theiCloud drive and backup will be uploaded to iCloud. Android users also can connect to Google Drive to store data in thecloud. iMessage data is linked to your iTunes backup and can be restored from it.

Now you can decide for yourself to use which message app. Most of the iPhone users use both the apps simultaneously to connect with their friends and family. What is your best messaging app and why do you like it? Please use our comment section to reply.

Apple iPhone 7: Rumors, Demands, Release Dates, Expectations And Reality

If you are looking for the latest news on iPhone 7 release date, features and rumors then you have come to the right place. Right from the new additions to old retentions, we have it all laid out for you. You may need to wait till the third quarter of this year for iPhone 7, but rumors are that 7 will be immediately followed by iPhone 7 Pro and iPhone 8. This new edition is most likely to follow the trends of its predecessors and come with a shatter-proof 5.5 inch screen.


What the market needs

Apple needs to pull out some awesome tricks out of its sleeve if it wants to make up for the lost 20 percent of sales in the first quarter of this year. And apparently iPhone 7 is coming with some revolutionary new features which include a second rear camera. Although not a new feature, the second rear camera is a first time addition for Apple models and can be used for short distance photography. Both the cameras have been designed to come with flat lenses which preserve the flush design of the back.

Returning home is smooth and easy

The home button for Apple products used to be a signature physical button. But it is set to change in 2016 with the new iPhone 7. A digital, touch enabled button is to replace the physical button and impart a sleek, stylish look to the classy new iPhone generation. Other features include a built-in touch ID detector, AMOLED display with waterproof and dust-proof features and a higher resolution display.

Alienation or technological progress?

Removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack is an old move, but Apple is retaining it in iPhone 7 as well. This will allow the new model to be slimmer than all its predecessors. The most recent news coming from the Chinese Market states that iPhone 7 will come with a battery slightly larger than iPhone 6 and 6S. This means the phone with a wireless charger is most likely to have a battery with a capacity higher than 2910 mAH.

What will run the revolutionary touchphone?

The 5.5 inch revolutionary touchphone will operate on a 2 GB RAM and the Pro version of the same will follow the launch of iPhone 7 with a 3 GB RAM very closely. It is expected to be shipped with iOS 10 pre-installed. While it will be a lot faster than the previous generations of iPhones it is yet to be seen if it can keep up with its contemporaries from Samsung and LG.

Disappointments or smart decisions?

In addition to the upgrades it has been confirmed that iPhone 7 is not getting dual stereo speakers. While that may be a disappointment for many music lovers out there, it can actually prove to be a great battery saving decision. As we have learnt before iPhone 7 is getting minimal battery upgrades. But the lack of headphones and a stereo speaker can be made up for by its Smart Connector. The leaked photos and designs show the promise of the inclusion of a Smart Connector in the new Apple product.

How to Disable LG G5 Automatic App Updates – Easiest Guide

The very unique and awesome LG G5 smartphone is now available around the globe along with the United States. There is no doubt that it is good news for the users.

The LG G5 has lots of option, features and many more advanced controls that many times create confusions. The main problem which generally people face in LG G5 phone is that how to disable LG G5 automatic app update. As until now we haven’t received any official confirmation on LG G6 Release Date, let’s talk about the much hyped LG G5 here, and how we can easily disable automatic app updates on this Smartphone.

Disable LG G5 Automatic App Updates

Also, there are many people, who want to have total control over what apps will update automatically. You can set the LG G5 to auto-update if you do not want to see the frequent automatic update notifications from the Google Play Store. Here is the explanation of how to turn OFF and ON automatic app updates from the Google Play Store.

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Important steps to turn OFF & ON automatic app updates for LG G5

You need set the things on Google Play Store when you want to enable or disable the automatic updates for the LG G5. You can follow the below steps to turn ON and OFF automatic app updates.

  1. Turn on your LG G5
  2. Select on the Google Play Store
  3. Now you need to tap the top left menu button next to the “Play Store”
  4. After that a slide out menu will come on your screen and then you need to select “Settings”
  5. Now you need to select “Auto-update apps” under the General settings.
  6. Now here you can select to “Automatically update apps” or “Do not auto-update apps”
  1. You need to make sure that, if you turn off the automatically update app feature on the LG G5, you will get notifications continuously that new apps need to be updated.
  2. Should you keep LG G5 automatic app updates ON or OFF?
  3. Now it’s time to take the final decision.You have to take it. It may be best to leave automatic app updates turned ON for those that are casual smartphone users or new to Android. This will help you to eliminate constant app update notifications. It will also reduce problems with apps not working correctly since you could forget to update them.
  4. You may not notice what features on the app is new if you leave auto-update ON the LG G5. The reason for this is because when updating the app, you wouldn’t have read the new features.

5 Things that We Can Expect in Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S7 had almost everything we hoped for. It had improvements throughout leading it to be one of the most powerful, stylish and all round smartphone in the market.

Galaxy S8 Probable Features
Samsung’s Flagship Phone will have a simple but mind – blowing change in its next version of Samsung Galaxy S8.
According to its previous phones, Galaxy S Series and Edge Series, we think there should be some changes within the next Galaxy version.It is expected that Samsung will launch an Edge version of S8 too.

The most 5 important things that are expected in Galaxy S8

1. Heating Issues

The Heating issue persists in every Samsung phone almost. We have tested Note 4 thoroughly. Even, the Samsung Note 4 heats Up. All that we can do to prevent heating is by reducing the Storage Usage. Install Applications that you actually require else it will consume your RAM and CPU and thereby making the phone processing inefficient.
We hope that Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t have heating issues.

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2. Over Sensitive Touch Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S7 uses a Super AMOLED Display with Corning Gorilla Glass. It has a Super Smooth Touch Screen. However, the Touch Screen is made too sensitive which sometimes annoys the Users. This problem will be taken care of in Galaxy S8.

3. Lower Price:

We believe that Samsung should try to reduce the prices of its Smart phones. Why? It has too much competition in the market as of now. The problems of Over Heating, Over Sensitive Touch Screen and Less Internal Storage needs to be taken care of too.

4. Increased Storage Space:

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a 32GB of built-in storage. But that space is filled with your Apps and Games in your phone. So no space is left for your music and photos collection. Even though the Processor and GPU Chipset is good enough in Samsung Galaxy S7, it has only 32 GB Internal Memory.

For a phone of this large capacity and budget, it is important to look into every feature. Since the applications within the phone will be of High Quality and the Games would be of High Quality too, 32 GB would be less sufficient. Moreover, the Galaxy S7 Applications tends to store more Cache Memory, which will process slowly. You may have to delete the Unused Applications if you’re a Phone Freak.

We strongly feel that the internal Storage space will be increased in Galaxy S8.

5. Better and Powerful Speakers:

Samsung Galaxy S7 has a good quality of Speakers. Samsung has good audio inbuilt speakers. But still Samsung Galaxy S7 needs to improve its speaker quality.

When you play a song, the speakers are not powerful. Samsung needs to focus in audio section to build a good sound. In headset sound quality is good. The only issue remains with the external speaker. However, we are really waiting for waiting for Samsung to reveal the Galaxy S8 Release Date as only then we will get some confirmed news regarding the upcoming flagship of the company.

Samsung has most reputation in Electronic Gadget. Samsung always has a competitor in the Electronic market. Samsung Galaxy S8 might bring changes.

Snapchat vs KIK – Features Comparison

Snapchat and Kik messenger are the two messaging apps that appear to be blowing up with appeal and versatile use. Both of these world famous apps with kick ass features have millions of followers and overwhelming response in app stores. So let’s start finding out more things what these applications can really do.

Snapchat vs KIK Comparison

Snapchat and Kik- Comparison of Features

Comparing these two awesome photo sharing apps is a real piece of enjoyment because both these apps have intuitive features and more than expectation features built-in. Here in below we are comparing these two apps. Many of us can’t dare to take these two apps into a comparison board because no one just can avoid any one of these.

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Snapchat- Send your pic and video while keeping your privacy intact

Snapchat has actually been on the app store while now yet lately it’s been exploding with popularity. Actually, Snapchat has specified that it currently has more than 30 million active followers. Now that’s a lot of followers, man! Snapchat has actually been around since July of 2011 as well as was started by university student. Now that Snapchat has come to be so preferred it is reported that Facebook tried to buy them out. The app which allows every user to send video recording or photo to family and friends by using your mobile app is a fantastic way to get messages (attached with photo) out swiftly. However unlike other over the top apps, Snapchat erases the message after it has been received. This is great for those looking to maintain their privacy.

Kik Messenger- A really fast app for sending text and pics

Kik messenger application is really gaining on Snapchat and has 14 million active users worldwide. This application is recognized for its ease of usage and speed. User of KiK Messenger likes it because of its basic to make use of interface and also this is what made this app so preferred. There are not a bunch of bells with Kik messenger. Even we can get used to with Kik Login easily without any glitch.

Which one we are preferring here- Snapchat or Kik messenger

We truly like Kik messenger due to the fact that it is so very easy to make use of yet with Snapchat’s features it’s difficult to overlook. That’s why we have selected Snapchat as our best application, the added personal privacy that Snapchat has is a real plus!

A simple one liner, if you are a privacy freak, go for Snapchat and if you want a light and speedy messenger, choose Kik instead.

How To Download Tinder For Pc – Full Guide

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps available for smartphone users in our planet. Officially it has made its way through 9 billion matches till date. Time magazine has put a crown of “world’s hottest app” on it. The catch of this app is that it’s free to use and within a few minutes you can set up your profile on it and go for it without any hectic sign up session. Using Facebook, registration is simple and attaching Facebook profile with it makes your chances of visibility better. In case if you are not having a facebook account, try Tinder without Facebook.

Tinder For Pc


In order to run this awesome dating app on your PC, you need to go have an emulator for sure otherwise there will be no option to get the Tinder for PC. If you are thinking whether it will be as same as the process while we run other Android app on your PC, you are absolutely right. But here are some tweaks and you need to take care of these before proceeding to the final installation on your PC.

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If you have killed your spirit with Bluestacks, you can try youwave instead. All the steps are almost similar. Let’s check it out.

  1. Get the Youwave installer package downloaded in your PC.
  2. Once it gets downloaded, click on the installation file and get this installed. Get all the on screen instructions in command and follow those. Provide all the permissions.
  3. One thing should be mentioned here and that is if you are trying a free version then click on the free version but if you want to unleash the full potential of this, for a paid version instead.
  4. Open the Youwave and open the “Playstore” in it.
  5. Type Tinder and search it there.
  6. Once you have installed in your PC, open Tinder on your PC.


Bluestacks is still on the best list of Android emulator for sure and many users prefer to have this installed in their PC.

  1. Download the Bluestacks from its official site.
  2. Follow the on screen instructions and get it downloaded.
  3. Once it’s downloaded, and then installs the .exe file on your system.
  4. Now, log into Google Play using your Google account.
  5. Search Tinder and tap on the “install” button, it will be ready within few minutes and you can start using Tinder in your PC.