PS 5: A ten teraflop system in Play Sation 5?

For all serious fans, here’s a good news about Play Station 5. Yes, the journey of excitement finally begins as we are heading closer to the release date of the fifth generation of Play Station. Much awaited PS 5 is soon to get launched, but when will that big day arrive? Well, that’s what the ultimate question now is!

PS 5: What do we know about Play Station?

  • Play Station was launched in Japan on December 3
  • It has been created and currently owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment.
  • The successor PlayStation 2 was launched and has been the best-selling home console till date; crossing over 155 million units.
  • After that came Play Station 3 which was released in 2003 that reached over 80 million consoles worldwide.
  • Last arrived Play Station 4 that’s becoming the fastest in the history. In just first 24 hours of its release, it reached approximately 1 million consoles.

PS 5: Is there any New Perks coming up in PS 5?

According to some reports, Sony is possibly discontinuing Play Station 3 in some couple of years. With the increase in fans’ executions, speculations too increased. Some of the key specs that can be speculated in PS 5 are mentioned in this article. Sony is probably going to discontinue Play Station 3 in some couple of years as the reports say. So we can speculate PS 5 will really be something big! As speculated, the heart of PS 5 will be created which will offer experiences of the next generation. Internal wiring will be replaced by optical waveguides. Instead of electrons transistors will be powered only by photons. 3D Xpoint Memory is a new kind of memory that is stackable as well as non-volatile. Even without the transistor need, it can read and write the respective operations. Rumors are swirling that Play Station 5 will be included with resistive RAM or 3D stacked RAM. According to some valid reports, in some couple of years, the digital content can be offered in 4K resolution. Ostendo, a company (California based) is now working on the chipset to project video on a 48-inch diagonal surface which can theatrically create complex images. The huge leap taken forward is due to its graphics with every new game console. PS 5 fans are now in the urge of witnessing PS 5 graphics which may be differentiated from that of real life. Sony would probably be releasing a ten teraflop system in its Play Station 5.

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According to some anticipation, Play Station 5 release date would be no sooner than 2020. On the other hand, as the report says, Sony’s next generation of PS 5 will be available by the end of this year (to me more precise, in the second half of this year. i.e. 2018). But if we are to trust a valid source; we definitely can take the words into our consideration.