You TV Player App Provides Users with Some Great Features

It has been a long while that we have come across a number of apps that enables the users to download as well as stream movies from different websites. But there are very few which have managed to gain popularity among its users. Among the ones which are capable of staying at the top of the list of best apps for streaming movies and other videos including TV series, we have the You TV Player app. And it has been quite a long while that the app has been a fan favorite.

There are some basic features which have made the You TV Player so much popular among the users. The first and foremost thing about the app that has made it so much popular is the fact that the app comes completely at free of cost. There are no hidden charges even after the users have downloaded and installed the app on their smartphones or even other electronic gadgets. Many other apps from this genre do charge the users with some amount of money, and that is where it has been so much popular.

The You TV Player comes with a number of user-friendly features, which is also one of the prime reasons why the app is one of the favorites of the users of smartphones who love to watch movies and other videos through online streaming. The You TV Player comes with a huge list of videos which includes popular TV series. The newly released ones are also available for the users to be streamed. Not only that, even the cartoon shows which are aired on TV channels like Cartoon Network and Nick are also available on the app. So that provides the user with a huge array of videos to choose from. Quite naturally it is one of the favorite ones among the users.

You TV Player enables the users to save the videos which they have already watched once and would like to watch it later on as well. This is one of the unusual features which are not available on most of the apps that are available in the app markets. The latest update of the app has brought in a crucial role of the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter through which one can share a personalized playlist. This is completely one of the new features that very few apps in this genre offer to their users. So quite evidently users have grown a liking for the You TV Player app.

However, the app is not available on any of the official app markets of the popular operating systems that are used by people across the continents. For the users with a Windows operating, an Android emulator is required to be downloaded before the app can be downloaded on the device. For users of iOS devices, the app can be downloaded with the help of vShare. So despite being not available on the official app markets, You TV Player can be downloaded from other sources that will enable one to keep on watching TV series, music videos and much more.